Moments of Birth | A Tribute to South African Parents

“We can differ in colour, race, beliefs, gender, age and culture, but our reaction to a new life is fundamentally the same – one of awe.” – Alda Smith, Love Alda Birth & Maternal Photography

I have often said that birth photography is not just about the moment of birth.  It should tell an entire story of love and connection and provide timeless ties to your baby’s birth.

I truly believe that those first memories & stories of love and connection are the most treasured heirloom we can give our children.

I summarise birth photography as follows:

“Birth photographs should in my opinion not be perfectly posed pictures. Instead it should provide parents, children and family with timeless ties to the emotions, feelings and physical surroundings at the moment a new life force entered their reality – a window to the loving souls of a mother, a father, a brother, a sister or a grandparent at first sight. How they looked. What they wore. It’s about providing families with living, irreplaceable memories of the moments of love, connection and firsts surrounding the birth of a baby.”

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A Tribute to C-Section Mothers

One of my birth images was recently published in a ‘First Meeting’ feature published by Kidspot. The feature only covered natural births.  The response to the post was very positive, but I could not help but notice a sadness amongst some of the moms not fortunate enough to have experience natural birth.  A sadness I, as a three x C-Section one x failed VBAC mom can emphasize with.  I too once felt those pangs of regret, but doing what I do I’ve also learned that how you become a parent is far less important than becoming one.

So to all the C-Section mothers out there:

Whether chosen or pushed into; whether it was necessary for medical reasons or whether you just elected it for personal reasons; whether you feel heartbroken that you did not experience natural birth or whether how you gave birth is not important to you; whether you experienced a gentle C-Section or a scary one – nothing can make meeting your child for the first time less special. Because how you became someone’s parent is far less important than the fact that you did.

Do I wish all woman could have beautiful natural births? Yes, wholeheartedly so – I’ve seen few things that can be as empowering, or the lack thereof mourned so deeply, but I have also seen breathtaking C-sections, I have been grateful for the option in emergency situations and I have learned, first hand, that in the end love does conquer all.

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To end this post off – some breathtaking C-Section birth photo’s. Thank you to the relevant hospitals and birth professionals for working with SABPA (the South African Birth Photographers Association) to give me special theater privileges and by doing so allowing me to capture these incredible moments.   But most  importantly thank you to my birth clients for allowing me to share your incredible, miracles and memories of a first breath that I know has been etched into each of your hearts.  You are tigers and you wear the stripes to prove it.

Interesting: Did you know that some woman find birth photography to be very healing in C-Section situations as it allows them to see that first moment albeit after the fact – something they often miss out on lying flat on their backs.