Love Alda & Carmien Collaborate on Cup of Comfort for Mothers


Take one birth photographer & mentor who herself suffered through draining nausea and heartburn during all three her pregnancies, a client of hers who is also a brand custodian at Carmien Rooibos Tea,  a friendship and the brewing and simmering of some mamma inspired ideas and you are bound to end up with something really special and comforting!

I’m so proud to be launching the NEW Carmien Mamma Tea in collaboration with Carmien Rooibos. Carmien Mamma Tea has especially been formulated to help mammas with nausea, heartburn and lactation challenges associated with pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Only the best ingredients are used in every teabag, with great care taken to ensure safety and maximum efficiency from every cup. It is conveniently packaged in tagless teabags for easy steeping and drinking. Carmien Mamma Tea was designed and blended for mommies by mommies. A Cup of comfort from bump to breastfeeding and beyond.

I’m excited to announce that moving forward each one of her birth photography & mentoring clients will receive a complimentary pack of Carmien Mamma Tea, before and after birth.


Carmien Mamma Tea


Carmien Morning Mamma

Carmien Morning Mamma has especially been formulated to assist mommy-to-be with nausea and heartburn associated with pregnancy.

Ingredients and their health benefits:

Rooibos – Contains natural anti-oxidants which help prevent cancer and combating free radical damage in cells. Rooibos alleviates allergies – astma, hay-fever, eczema. Rooibos has anti-spasmodic qualities and alleviates colic and stomach cramps in babies. Rooibos replaces essential minerals, iron, potassium, zinc and sodium. Rooibos is soothing on the nervous system – excellent for hyperactive children. Rooibos is naturally caffeine free and safe to drink during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Ginger  – helps with morning sickness, circulation stimulant, anti-septic, relieve spasms

Marshmallow root  – Ease with digestion and nausea, helps heartburn

Cherry-Orange Flavour – for added freshness to ease and sooth nausea and heartburn

Carmien Nursing Mamma

Carmien Nursing Mamma has especially been formulated to stimulate and increase milk production in breastfeeding mommies.

Ingredients and their health benefits:

Rooibos – Contains natural anti-oxidants which help prevent cancer and combating free radical damage in cells. Rooibos alleviates allergies – astma, hay-fever, eczema. Rooibos has anti-spasmodic qualities and alleviates colic and stomach cramps in babies. Rooibos replaces essential minerals, iron, potassium, zinc and sodium. Rooibos is soothing on the nervous system – excellent for hyperactive children. Rooibos is naturally caffeine free and safe to drink during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Fennel – Helps with digestion, anti-septic, treat colic and stimulate lactation (also used in Gripe Water to help relieve colic and other gastrointestinal ailments and discomforts of infants)

Aniseed – anti-septic properties, relieves colic in babies and increases milk production in breastfeeding mothers (also used in Gripe Water to help relieve colic and other gastrointestinal ailments and discomforts of infants)

Fenugreek – Excellent for stimulating and increasing milk production in breastfeeding mothers

Vanilla Flavour – adding a delicate taste to create an easy drinking cup of rooibos

To discuss your birth needs in person with Alda over a cup of comfort visit

Is the Perfect Birth a Myth?


As mother of three, birth photographer and mentor I have seen pretty much all kinds of births – hospital and home births, water births and induced births, natural births and c-sections – and whilst I understand why a natural birth with minimal interventions are viewed by most as the ‘trophy birth’ (I wished it for myself), I do often wonder if the perfect birth might be a myth. Beautiful? Absolutely!  Empowering? Definitely!  But perfect? Mmmmmm.

I’m sorry if I’m bursting your bubble, but trust me, you might thank me later. Before you burn me at the stake however, let me clarify by saying that whilst I do not believe in promoting a perfect birth (who gets to define what perfect means?), I absolutely believe in the importance of a positive, optimized and compassionate birth experience.

You see, whilst a gift and privilege, becoming a parent in itself is challenging and I see how promoting the idea of a ‘perfect birth’ (however you want to define that) just puts unnecessary stress on already overwhelmed parents and more often than not ends in disappointment. Becoming a parent is more important than how you become one – that is a fact. That being said, this truth is often unfortunately abused by medical experts to coerce women into choices driven by fear and ignoring the importance of the birth journey would be irresponsible in itself. I’ve experienced this first hand when I suffered severe post-natal depression after a traumatic birth experience. Your birth experience may not be perfect, but it matters. Very much so.  It may not be as important as becoming a parent, but it is nevertheless important. It feeds into your emotional wellbeing in birth and (as we all know) your physical wellbeing is heavily intertwined with that of your emotional.

The truth is that, contrary to biased information often given to mothers, Mother Nature is, for the most part, on the side of the labouring mother – that is until she is not. And here lies the heart of the problem for me – a mother’s birth experience should not become less important because she ‘deviates’ from what is viewed as ‘perfect’ or ‘normal’. Stigmas, pressure and choice-bashing do little in terms of promoting the importance of the birth experience and the making of empowered choices and instead creates an illusion that leads to disappointment, shamefulness, uncertainty and resentment. Instead of telling mothers what perfection or disappointment in birth looks like society should inform, empower, support and promote birth ownership and the notion of choices with compassion. Because becoming a parent requires courage in different forms and shapes.

I’ve come to know birth as this perfect miracle that happens in an imperfect world with imperfect systems. You can and must put serious thought and planning into your birth experience, but your ultimate goal should be to find and own the beauty of your birth, no matter the small imperfections. To feel proud of yourself for ‘surviving’ another soul splintering off yours, no matter how that happened. Yes natural births are beautiful, but I have experienced and captured beautiful c-sections as well. Like parenthood, the only kind of perfect birth for you must be your own – and for that to be true you need to own your birth, make empowered choices, be respected for those choices and ultimately find the beauty in your unique experience no matter the small imperfections. Finding the beauty does, however, not mean not grieving the disappointments.   Disappointments in birth are, like in life, unavoidable and feelings of sadness about this should always be validated.  This is where a compassionate birth team should also play a big role in helping a mother come to terms through compassionate de-briefing, counselling and other initiatives.  Finding the beauty does however mean not getting lost in disappointment.

I want to end by offering you a compromise – it’s the least I can do after bashing your dreams of a perfect birth *wink*: Instead of aiming for the perfect birth, why not work towards an optimized, empowered, compassionate and positive birth experience ? One that you will love regardless.

I define a positive birth experience as follows:

  1. One where nature is respected for her power to both heal & hurt in birth and her energy channeled for the greater good in birth by you and your birth team (much like using wind to generate power) – even when it comes to births where interventions are needed
  2. One where you get to make empowered choices that are respected by your birth team 
  3. One where you are treated with compassion – where you feel heard and loved when you are at your most vulnerable, before during and after birth
  4. One where you minimise disappointments and are allowed to grieve the ones that do happen without losing the ability to find the beauty amongst the small imperfections
  5. One where you and your birth team celebrate you becoming a parent through the perfect miracle that is birth

To love something does not always mean that it is perfect.  We can often love ‘in spite’ of. So I would like to encourage you today to love your birth, no matter what. To feel like the brave, powerful mama bear that you are and to wear your birth stripes (or scars) with pride!

If you found this helpful, why don’t you help me to empower others by sharing this post?  You can also leave a comment below and tell me how you would define ‘a perfect birth’.

PS: As mother of three and birth professional I want to help you work towards a positive, optimised birth for you and your baby. So join me for my free ante-natal video series, At the Heart of Birth by registering at


At The Heart of Birth Ante-natal Online Course: Three FREE Videos


Photo Above: Veronique Photography

Why do some mothers have wonderfully positive and empowering births whilst others feel disappointed, confused and even bereft? Why does there seem to be so many don’ts and not enough do’s when it comes to optimising birth for me and my baby?  Why do I feel so confused, in the dark and even pressured instead of clear and confident about my birth choices?  

The reality is that every woman deserves compassion in birth with a gentle balance between her clinical and emotional well-being.  Every woman should be empowered to make informed choices with a resolve to be mindful of those choices. Instead women are often bombarded with birth stigmas, pressured into decisions, frowned upon for their choices, given biased information if any and encouraged to strive for the perfect birth instead of a positive one.

Join me, Alda Smith, birth photographer, birth mentor, mother of three, Carmien Birth Professional of Choice and communication specialist for a short (and free) video series titled At the Heart of Birth.  In these three free videos, you are going to discover what a compassionate, positive, optimised & pro-choice birth is so that you can work towards achieving an optimised birth for you and your baby.  No stigmas. No choice-bashing. No Pressure.  Just a whole lot of empowerment and compassion in the comfort of your own home!


Your free mini online ante-natal course will consist of:

Video 1: The Compassionate Birth

Video 2: Knowledge is Power

Video 3: Aiming for a Positive Birth – not a Perfect One

If you haven’t registered for the free mini course yet you can do so here.  The course will start at the end of November and I look forward to spending some time with you on this.

PS: I’m incredibly passionate about this and have an enormous amount of empathy for mothers who do not experience compassion in birth. Please help me to empower others by sharing this opportunity. I’d also love to hear your thoughts on the compassion of birth by leaving comments below.  I will be sure to check each and every comment.

Baby Bump Milestone Fun & Freebies

I loved reading weekly updates on my baby’s development when I was pregnant.  The most amazing fact to me was that my baby had a heartbeat when only the size of a pomegranate seed. Wow! Baby having a ‘tail’ also freaked me out slightly and I sort of looked forward to week 8 for this reason!  Week 12 was the ultimate milestone for me with all three of my pregnancies as this was usually when my severe nausea would ease off (I weighed less in my first 3 months of pregnancy than I did before I fell pregnant due to excruciating nausea).

Below a beautiful Baby Bump Milestone Chart which you can cut out and paste in your diary; print out and put on your fridge or paste in your baby book (if you have time to keep one!)




I’d love to hear which pregnancy milestone you are at and what your experiencing at the moment.  So if you have a minute, leave a message in the comment box!  O yes, and if you haven’t collected your free Baby Bump Milestone stickers yet make sure you do here.


Love You Endlessly | Huxley’s Birth | Vincent Pallotti, Cape Town

This is the story of how Huxley, with eyes as fierce blue as his mommy’s, came into Daniela’s life. I knew Daniela was going to be an exceptional mother when I met her again at her maternity shoot. Dressed in the most ‘vogue’ maternity dress I have ever seen, we spent an entire afternoon capturing the most beautiful maternity memories for her.

Cape-Town-Birth-Photographer-Birth-Love-Alda-Daniela-3 Cape-Town-Birth-Photographer-Birth-Love-Alda-Daniela-4 Cape-Town-Birth-Photographer-Birth-Love-Alda-Daniela-5 Cape-Town-Birth-Photographer-Birth-Love-Alda-Daniela-6 [Read more…]

The Contribution of Birth Partners to you Birth Space & Experience

I was born in a nunnery.  My father was not allowed in the room and my poor mom had to labour for hours without a birth companion.  A positive birth experience for my mother? I would think not, but I’m not sure – it depends on whether my father would have made a good supporting birth companion if he was allowed in!

What is a birth companion or birth partner?  In short it is someone that gives you physical, emotional and practical support when delivering your baby (via c-section or labour).  The right support during birth (over and above good clinical care) goes a long way toward a happier, positive birth experience.  In fact, many healthcare providers support the presence of birth companions as hospital midwives working on a busy labour ward are not always in the position to give continuous, un-interrupted one-on-one support.

There are different kinds of birth companions and each bring their own unique benefits to the birth environment.  Who you have in your birth space should be your choice, but should also be made with care as you need to feel safe, secure and respected at all times:


–       Make sure your birth companion/s understand and respect your birth preferences

–       Make sure your birth companion/s are qualified for his or her role

–       Make sure your birth companion/s bring positive energy to your birth space

–       Understand what your hospital or healthcare provider’s merit requirements are for the birth companion of your choice


[Read more…]

Enjoy a Maternal Cup of Comfort with Love Alda

Maternal-Cup-of-Comfort-TimelineAs a mother of three myself and a birth photographer and mentor, I would like nothing more than to provide you with support and empathy during your maternal journey.  It is with this in mind that I provide birth mentoring over and above birth photography.  It is also the main motivation behind the Maternal Cup of Comfort Closed Facebook Group which you get access to when you become a Love Alda client.  The group is a closed group of parents who, like you and I, know how gloriously wonderful and yet overwhelming pregnancy, birth & parenting are.  Here we share experience, knowledge and stories.

I would like to gain an even better understanding of your needs.  Please help me develop your ideal maternal cup of comfort by completing the survey below. You do not have to be a current Love Alda client to participate.  Participation in anonymous.  Please note that I am working on the assumption that the safety of your baby is the most important aspect in all of this and the questions posed are over and above this fact. To receive more updates from Love Alda as well as your own Birth Preference e-Book Gift subscribe at Thank you!




It’s Your Birth. Plan for it – and then be Flexible

I didn’t have a birth plan with the birth of my first child.  I just assumed things would happen more or less like I wanted them to.  There were two problems with this approach: 1) birth is unpredictable 2) I only realized what I could have had and wanted, after the fact.


Birth is one of the most important events in a parent’s life and yet very few of us prepare for the experience itself. Why is it that so many mothers put all their time into obtaining information for once baby is here, but very little into learning about and preparing for the actual birth? I blame ignorance and a blind trust in systems & processes many parents know very little about. The importance of the birth experience itself, is something many first time parents only realise after the fact. That is probably why birth plans are more common when it comes to second or third time parents.


I’m not particularly fond of the term ‘birth plan’ as how you become a parent is not nearly as important as becoming a parent in itself and one needs to flexible, but I am a firm believer in understanding the options and outlining your birth preferences. I have seen one too many times how an unplanned birth procedure or experience can leave emotional scars for years to come if the parents are ill informed. Taking ownership of your birth experience can be hugely rewarding and empowering – whether natural or C-Section. That does not mean that you do not seek professional advice, guidance & skill in making and implementing your choices.  It also does not mean you can plan and control everything about your birth – it would be ignorant to think or suggest that.  It simply means you participate in your own birth and decisions by understanding what the options are and knowing your own preferences. It is deciding what is important to you and your partner and what are the small things you’re not going to sweat. [Read more…]

Forever Ours | Bejamin’s Birth | Mediclinic Durbanville

I will forever remember Benjamin’s birth as the one where they lifted a pixie with the most amazing crown of hair out of his mama!  And the one where his grandmother sobbed with bursting joy at his arrival.  Benjamin’s birth was truly celebrated by his mom, dad and many, many more!

Cape-Town-Birth-Photographer-Love-Alda-birth-1 3-Cape-Town-Birth-Photographer-Love-Alda-birth-2 [Read more…]