Baby Bump Milestone Fun & Freebies

I loved reading weekly updates on my baby’s development when I was pregnant.  The most amazing fact to me was that my baby had a heartbeat when only the size of a pomegranate seed. Wow! Baby having a ‘tail’ also freaked me out slightly and I sort of looked forward to week 8 for this reason!  Week 12 was the ultimate milestone for me with all three of my pregnancies as this was usually when my severe nausea would ease off (I weighed less in my first 3 months of pregnancy than I did before I fell pregnant due to excruciating nausea).

Below a beautiful Baby Bump Milestone Chart which you can cut out and paste in your diary; print out and put on your fridge or paste in your baby book (if you have time to keep one!)




I’d love to hear which pregnancy milestone you are at and what your experiencing at the moment.  So if you have a minute, leave a message in the comment box!  O yes, and if you haven’t collected your free Baby Bump Milestone stickers yet make sure you do here.