And Then They Were Three

I’ve known Charlotte since her intern days as a marketing executive.  Back then she and Matthew were still dating, but we all knew that one day this special couple would get married.  They did – and my husband and I were there to witness this special occasion.

Fast forward a couple of years: Today Charlotte is a mom.  We don’t see each other that often anymore, but it was so special to follow Charlotte’s journey from a tiny little growing bump to finally meeting their beautiful little girl and falling in love with her on a daily basis via facebook.


I finally got to meet her little princess when I did their family shoot for them a couple of months ago.  The couple that met me at the park were the same young couple from years back, and yet they were different.  They had a beautiful maternal glow.


You see people change when they become parents – I see it on a daily basis.  It’s not radical – you might miss it if you blink.  But it’s there and it’s oh so beautiful.  


In my work I get to watch couples as they wait in anticipation for their little bundle of joy to arrive and I often pay witness to the moment they become parents or meet them again shortly after for a newborn or family session.  And it’s always there.  Soft, subtle but there.  It’s as if they become better versions of themselves.


Don’t get me wrong – being a sleep-deprived parent can bring out the worst in you – it happens to the best of us.  But it also humbles you.  It makes you vulnerable because someone else carries your heart now.   It brings you to you knees.  There is a raw beauty in that.


I should add that I’ve seen this glow not only in new parents, but also in many other selfless relationships.  I guess children just makes being selfless easier. Them thriving is our reward to what can be a tough, but incredibly blessed and fulfilled life of giving unconditionally.


May we all – couples, parents and singles – experience the glow of selfless love today.


I wish you all the happiness in the world Charlotte, Matthew and Eva.