Mom-myHave you ever noticed that ‘mommy’ spells ‘my mom backwards’?  Neither have –  I until I wrote this blog this evening.  Seeing that Mother’s Day is around the corner I thought I’d pay tribute to moms and their daughters tonight and what better way than with the beautiful safari bath time shoot I did with Celeste and her little girl.  The bond between mom and daughter was so evident as they played in the last golden rays before sunset.

It was a very warm day and I was very concerned about how to do a family shoot with a small toddler in such heat.  Then it hit me.  Water.  Bath tub. Rubber duckie.  Fun!!!  And fun it was! We couldn’t get her out of my sink tub (thanks to a dear friend who found it for me last-minute).


I had to get my husband to help me carry the tub and gallons of water to the field we did the shoot in, but watching mom  and daughter have so much fun made it worth it.


It’s no secret that I am complete fan of Eat Play Love’s bibs and I couldn’t resist using one in this session.


This blog would not be complete if I didn’t mention my own little princess.  She is my middle child and only daughter.  I wish she could see herself through my eyes:  stubborn bangs – mommy’s princess curls; fat little feet – mommy’s ballerina toes.  She’s my perfect, just right, ray of sunshine.