I’ve been wanting to do a bird’s nest newborn shoot for a while now. However, I could not find a suitable ‘nest’.  I wanted something different to the typical ‘studio prop’ shoot – something more organic and natural. Something special. So I decided to make my own nest.  Today I got to try it out and I couldn’t have picked a more perfect subject for it (a little boy called Hendrik).


At first he didn’t want to leave his mama’s arms, but he soon realised how cozy the nest was and snuggled into it – just like a little bird.  In fact he loved it in there.


This entire session reminded me how fearfully and wonderfully we are all made and what a blessing and gift a child is.


I was once again joined by the family pet (seems I’m getting more and more of them to join my sessions) who was very interested in this strange looking bird in the living room.