Newborns change so much and so fast in the first couple of weeks after birth.  As parents we want to capture our babies’ delicate features as they unfold like flower petals in front of our eyes so that we can treasure this incredible time forever.

By the same token, the first couple of weeks of life with a newborn can be a mixed bag of recovery, discovery, adaptation and wonder and braving a newborn shoot in this sensitive time can be daunting (even with my background I found my son’s nerve-wrecking and tiring with aching breasts and a sore c-section wound!)

As birth photographer & storyteller I am a firm believer that capturing memories of this special time should not distract from the memories itself.  I also understand that all mothers do not feel ‘photo-friendly’ in those first days which is why many opt for newborn photo’s only and even that can be challenge.  I myself was one of those moms who opted for newborn images only and I regret not having had some of those precious, natural moments between my newborn and myself captured.

Here are some tips to make sure you end up with positive and timeless ties to this special time:

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