be kind. please :-)


I’m so proud to be part of the be kind. South Africa movement.  I’ve included an introductory paragraph below so that next time you see the be kind. mark you will know that it is from a nice group doing nice things for creatives like myself.

“be kind. South Africa is a support group for creatives. We appeal to people’s good nature (in a kind way) to respect South Africa’s idea generators & artists. We are not a legal or rights enforcement agency – just a bunch of creative (kind) people who don’t want “power cuts” to our “light bulb community”. We can’t enforce intellectual property & copy rights (for that you need the guys in the grey suits), but be can ask nicely.”

So there you have it.  Go like the be kind. page  Share it. And remember to be kind – not only to creatives (although they are special breed) but to all human beings.