The Little Blue Beetle | It’s the Journey that Matters, by Love Alda


In our early years my mother drove a light blue VW beetle.  It was a happy little car – overloaded with vitamin D from always being parked outside in the sun.  It had fake, tan leather seats which burned our thighs and smelled funny whenever Lielie, Moemfie and I would bundle into the back (which had no seatbelts and no kiddies car seats).

We had a garage at our home in Pretoria, as well as in Acia Park, but my father’s adult, eventually slightly better cars lived there.  I felt sorry for them, but respected them.  They were clean, neat and serious. They didn’t get much sunlight and smelled important.

The blue beetle had a hole in its exhaust, which made its cheerful tuk-a-tuk-a-tuk song even louder – much to the embarrassment of my mom whose arrival would be announced from 2 km away.  I loved it.  Hearing it in the distance meant I could let go of the worry that would creep into my heart whenever the blue beetle would disappear around the corner with only my mom in it – off on an errand or to write and exam for the psychology degree she was studying part-time for.  And when its big smile bumper would finally turn into the driveway, it was greeted with the same enthusiasm radiated by baby chicks welcoming their mother bird back from her food gathering trip.  We fought over who would bump a ride up the driveway on the side of the little blue car and scrambled to discover what surprises it had brought back with it.


Not all surprises are pleasant. On one such occasion my mother got out of the car with what looked like a put-out velt fire on her head.  Instead of her beautiful jet black hair, a cheap perm and colour had left her with smoldering red stumps.  Moemfie started to cry that mom looked like a Thundercat and I started to think of ways to cover the debris around my poor mother’s face.  It was awful and she knew it.  To this day I remember her mourning her ruined crown in my father’s arms –  the only thing visible of her being the singed red hair against his dark, puffy jacket.

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Birth Plan: Why do I need one?

How long does it take to prepare for a wedding? And a birth? Birth is one of the most important events in a parent’s life and yet very few of us prepare for the experience itself. Why is it that so many mothers put all their time into obtaining information for once baby is here, but very little into learning about and preparing for the actual birth experience? I blame ignorance and a blind trust in systems & processes many parents know very little about. The importance of the birth experience itself, is something many first time parents only realise after the fact. That is probably why birth plans are more common when it comes to second or third time parents.

Let’s face it – all you can focus on when you are pregnant is holding that healthy bundle of joy in your arms. Who cares how the baby gets here? I am the first who will testify that becoming a parent is far more important than how you became one, however, I have also seen how an unplanned birth procedure or experience can leave emotional scars for years to come if the parents are ill informed. Taking ownership of your birth experience can be hugely rewarding and empowering – whether natural or C-Section. That does not mean that you do not seek professional advice, guidance & skill in making and implementing your choices.  It also does not mean you can plan and control everything about your birth – it would be ignorant to think or suggest that – birth can be unpredictable.  It simply means you participate in your own birth and decisions by understanding what the options are and knowing your own preferences. It is deciding what is important to you and your partner and what are the small things you’re not going to sweat.

Planning for your birth is important.  Understanding the birth process and options available to you is important. And yet, how many of us know that only clamping a baby’s cord after the blood has stopped pulsating through it, holds health benefits for the baby? How many of us know that in the event of a C-Section there is something called a ‘gentle C-Section’ or a ‘natural C-Section’.  How you and your baby experience birth can have an impact on your emotional health, as well as baby’s successful transition from womb to world and although you can’t control everything, knowledge is power.

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Your Nursery Featured in a Magazine!

I still remember getting my first nursery ready – the time, love and care that went into it and sometimes just spending some quiet time in it – waiting with anticipation!  I also remember feeling very sad when my 3 year old son told me he was too big for his baby room and wanted something with bugs.  My heart literally sank as I covered the beautiful cream and pastels with a forest green.  In hindsight I wish I had taken more photo’s of that first nursery – it was beautiful.

I’m therefore offering my Love Alda clients and fans the opportunity to get their nursery photographed and featured in BIRTH.  Memre van Heerden’s nursery is in the autumn / winter 2014 edition and if you think your nursery will make others weak at the knees I encourage you to follow BIRTH for tips and ideas and contact me at

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