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Finding an integrated solution has always been a passion of mine.  Perhaps that is why I feel so strongly about the link between medicine and the humanities (with a focus on the arts and photography in my instance).  I recently completed a course on this through UCT.  You can read more about my thoughts on this ‘integration’ and how it can be applied to births with a focus on birth photography here, but I think Dr. Bernard Lown summarises it well in “The lost art of Healing” when he says: “…caring without science is a well-intentioned kindness, but not medicine. …Science without caring empties medicine of healing…”

Not any photographer can just walk into the birth space.  There are so many medical, safety, privacy and emotional considerations to take into account (over and above artistic considerations). The ideal birth photographer needs to fulfil many requirements:

Love Alda Birth Companion The Ideal Birth Photographer

It was in the spirit of integrating medicine and the arts that I co-founded SABPA (the South African Birth Photographers Association) and I’m proud to say that the association has done miracles to build a sense of abundance and excellence in for the birth photography in South Africa with many of the leading hospitals and birth professionals only allowing SABPA-accredited photographers at births for legal, safety, privacy and other reasons.

I’m also extremely humbled that I can today say that I am personally approved to work in or with many of SA’s leading midwives, doulas, OBG’s and hospitals including with thanks (but definitely not limited to) the following:

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Meeting SA’s Birth Professionals: Gynaecologist & Obstetrician Jacky Searle

As a Cape Town-based birth photographer and chair person of the South African Birth Photographers Association, I get to work or meet with some of South Africa’s best birth professionals.  Dr. Jacky Searle is one of them.  She’s a mother of two and successful practice at Vincent Pallotti Hospital.

Article was originally published in BIRTH magazine.