When does one do a newborn shoot?
The earlier the better, but definitely before your little one is 10 days old.  After that they become more alert and typical, sleeping newborn styling becomes virtually impossible.

Do you do your newborn shoots at a studio or on location?

Generally I find that babies are more comfortable in their own environments and I also prefer natural light on a baby to studio lighting. I therefore do most of my lifestyle newborn sessions in the comfort of your own home or on location of choice.  Which-ever location you choose, it is very important that it has enough natural light (no direct sunlight) as flashes and lights can be harsh on a baby’s skin.

I love those cute props and hats, but don’t have any?
I have a wide selection of newborn props, baskets and blankets.  All materials used are cleaned, washed and where possible sterilised before the next shoot. I do however encourage clients to consider lifestyle newborn photography first though as, in my humble opinion, it is truer to life and more ideal for preserving memories than styled newborn photography with props.

I don’t like styled newborn shoots, is that a problem?
That is no problem.  I am a birth photographer and a natural, un-styled approach is second nature to me.  In fact I prefer life-style newborn shoots.

Can we be in the photo’s with our baby?
With a newborn shoot I focus on the newborn, however I do include the parents and siblings if requested.  More than that becomes a family session (which is also not a problem – it’s just a different package you need to book then).

How do I prepare my baby for the newborn shoot?
Newborn photography is not an exact science.  It’s not unusual for it to be a combination of feeding, calming, cleaning (yes naked babies poop!) and photographing in between.  That being said, it is a good idea to try and arrange the session so that it falls on baby’s nap time and to feed your little one when I arrive.

Keeping the room where the shoot will be taking place nice and toasty is also important as babies get cold quickly – especially when we photograph them in their birthday suits.

Dressing and undressing babies just upset them so a good idea is to put a white, (unbranded if possible) nappy on and wrap your baby in a soft, warm blanket before feeding him and letting him fall asleep.  From there it’s easier to position him and gently remove items or add items as needed.

White noise in the background is not a must but always helpful.  If your baby uses a pacifier, please remember to bring it with. Pacifiers are priceless when you do styled shoots where baby is not in mom’s arms and he needs something extra to sooth him.

How many pictures can I expect?
As mentioned earlier, newborn photography is not an exact science – especially when you’re doing styled photography in an environment that is new to the newborn.  Although there is a minimum amount of agreed pictures (see contract) I focus on and do everything in my power to capture beautiful images within the two hour frame available to us.  If your little one is particularly unsettled on the day, I sometimes push the session to 2.5 hours at now extra cost to make sure you walk away with at least the agreed minimum  and that those images are beautiful. But it is important to understand that quality and not quantity should be the focus and objective.

Can I bring friends and family with?
Yes. They are welcome.  They should just be briefed on what to expect beforehand and try not to interfere too much as ‘too many cooks can spoil the broth’. It’s a good idea to bring one more adult along if there’s going to be more than one small child.



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