What does a birth mentor do?
As birth mentor I share my experience and unbiased, non-judgmental knowledge and resources on the maternal and birth journey.  I provide parents with guidance, motivation and emotional support before and after birth. I am not a doctor or a midwife, but a birth professional with a focus on the relationship between physical and emotive care and wellbeing in birth.  My service is complimentary to the healthcare providers I help and serve with and holistic in nature.

Why is birth mentoring important?
Birth is probably one of the single most life-changing events on an emotional and physical level.  Its ‘ripples’ consist of a powerful reaction between the physical and the emotional, which can be seen long after the bodily act of giving birth.

Birth mentoring can assist parents in making more empowered prenatal, birth and postnatal choices to set the stage for a safe, well integrated, emotionally uplifting and empowered experience on both a physical and emotional level.

Do you give clinical / medical advice?
I am not a doctor, but a birth professional with a focus on emotive care and wellbeing in birth and how to effectively integrate that with the crucial medical, physiological and clinical care provided by my healthcare colleagues.

What qualifies you to be a birth mentor?
With a degree in communication and extensive experience in birth as professional birth photographer, I am uniquely qualified to bridge the gap between medicine and the humanities (thy physical and the emotional). I have also completed a course in Medicine and the Arts from UCT, am the co-author of the SABPA Oath of Ethics and have gone through birth 3 times myself.

What is the difference between a birth mentor and doula?
A doula offers physical and emotional support to a mother and her partner before, during and after birth.  As birth mentor I focus on mediating the integration between physical and emotional care before, during and after birth with a focus on empowering parents to make informed choices when it comes to their pre- and postnatal care and birth experience.  Unlike a doula, I not provide physical support during or after birth (that is when I capture you beautiful journey as professional birth photographer).

When and where does mentoring sessions typically take place?
The earlier on in your pregnancy, the better as we focus on the entire maternal journey.  I am also available for consultation after birth in the post-natal period when some mothers struggle with coming to terms with the major changes in their lives, feelings of guilt etc.

Sessions take place in the comfort of your own home or at THE NEST (my studio).

How else can I benefit from your knowledge and experience?

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  1. Buy one of my products. They can be found in my on-line store and represent my best thinking on and tools for preparing for, understanding and celebrating your maternal journey and birth.
  1. Book me as a speaker / for a workshop. I have been speaking publicly for more than 15 years with a focus on family dynamics first and later on the humanity aspects of the maternal journey and birth experience.