From Grandparents:

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From Parents:

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“Words fail to express my gratitude for the amazing photo shoots you did for us. You made my maternity shoot, baby shower as well as our little one’s new born shoot such an amazing experience! You can pride yourself on your professionalism and sensitivity, as well as the fact that you managed to capture exactly what we wanted! Memories for life.” – Lene & Gerhard Brand, Parents

“I can recommend Alda for her professionalism when it came to such an intimate experience. For someone whom I hardly noticed during the birth, she was able to capture the essence of each special moment- the pictures speak for themselves.” – Michele KrogerMom to Beth who’s birth story is featured in Your Pregnancy and Birth

From Medical / Birth Professionals:

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“For me the essence of a birth photographer is someone passionate about capturing the moments of birth in all its raw beauty. Someone who understands not to disturb the process of labour and to honour what a truly life-changing event birth is. Having worked alongside Alda at a birth, I can say that she is all of that and a phenomenal photographer. She is able to capture the beauty of a woman at her most vulneralble and yet at her most powerful with both sensitivy and skill.” – Lana Petersen, Doula

From Industry Professionals: 

“Beautiful photographic style, effortlessly capturing the raw beauty in special moments,” – Candice ReyneckeEat Play Love

“Alda’s work captures and creates an instant intimate connection with the viewer. It’s the same sensation of wonder and amazement I had as a child paging through illustrated books where every page had a sense of mystery that had to be explored. Her work is the most original thing I’ve seen since Anne Geddes and her images open the doors to a world of imagination.” Thomas Walden, Professional Photographer

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  • Client Endorsements – Love Alda – Cape Town Birth Photographer

    Love Alda – Cape Town’s Premium Birth Photographer owned by Alda Heunis Smith is fast becoming the sought after, premier, Cape Town Birth Photographer. Baby photography and Birth Photography is her passion and she loves being able to capture the first moments of birth. This Cape Town Photographer will also give you special Newborn Photography as well as being a family Photographer. If you are in Cape Town and need your Photography done by a premier top 100 world class photographer then lookup Alda Heunis Smith.

  • She has been featured in the top 100 in the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers. Love Alda photography has permission to shoot natural and c-section births at major hospital’s in Cape Town and South Africa. This includes Life Healthcare,Medi-Clinic and Netcare Hospitals. Hospitals where she has done photography include, Life Vincent Pallotti, Mowbray Maternity Hospital, Panorama Medi-Clinic, Louis Leipoldt Medi-Clinic, Capegate Medi-Clinic, Stellenbosch Medi-Clinic. Love Alda is also the founder of the South African Birth Photography Association (SABPA). Love Alda covers both natural and c-section birth stories and has worked and got approval from gynaecologists and midwives in Cape Town and across South Africa. Love Alda has been published in Your Pregnancy magazine, survival guide and more. Also find Love Alda Birth photography on Facebook at and Love Alda is also available for Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein and other major cities in South Africa as a premier birth photographer.