Finally – A Practical and Pretty Home Grown Baby Bag!



I met Danica and Ryno a year ago for their winter maternity shoot.  We had so much fun despite Danica initially only doing the maternity shoot because Ryno wanted one! From the get-go I knew that their little Dawid was going to be only lucky and happy baby. Shortly after I capture the birth of their beautiful baby boy at Mediclinic Paarl.  Even though Danica lives in Hermanus we have been friends ever since.Cape-Town-Birth-Photographer-Love-Alda-Dawid-Birth-AnnouncementShortly after Dawid’s birth, Danica, who is an esteemed wedding planner, launched Jan Pierewiet.  It didn’t take long for myself and Danica to find synergies between our brands and our shared needs as mothers.  We collaborated to bring mothers the ultimate luxury designer baby bag!



The locally manufactured bags are made from 100% bovine leather, and the perfect fusion between practical and pretty. Sporting enough pockets and compartments, the bags also include an easy-wipe changing mat, as well as an extra Love Alda drawstring bag for extra clothes or nappies.  The bags are currently available in hazelnut and pista pecan. You can order yours from the online Love Alda store. Love Alda Birth Photography clients automatically receive a R200 discount on these beauties!

The Contribution of Birth Partners to you Birth Space & Experience

I was born in a nunnery.  My father was not allowed in the room and my poor mom had to labour for hours without a birth companion.  A positive birth experience for my mother? I would think not, but I’m not sure – it depends on whether my father would have made a good supporting birth companion if he was allowed in!

What is a birth companion or birth partner?  In short it is someone that gives you physical, emotional and practical support when delivering your baby (via c-section or labour).  The right support during birth (over and above good clinical care) goes a long way toward a happier, positive birth experience.  In fact, many healthcare providers support the presence of birth companions as hospital midwives working on a busy labour ward are not always in the position to give continuous, un-interrupted one-on-one support.

There are different kinds of birth companions and each bring their own unique benefits to the birth environment.  Who you have in your birth space should be your choice, but should also be made with care as you need to feel safe, secure and respected at all times:


–       Make sure your birth companion/s understand and respect your birth preferences

–       Make sure your birth companion/s are qualified for his or her role

–       Make sure your birth companion/s bring positive energy to your birth space

–       Understand what your hospital or healthcare provider’s merit requirements are for the birth companion of your choice


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Our Beautiful Life | Lucie’s Birth | Mediclinic Louis Leipoldt, Cape Town

I met Christelle, Tron and their two lively boys at Elandsbaai for their maternity shoot. We (my three kids, hubby and I) were at a family wedding at Muisbosskerm the day before and made a small detour to the sleepy seaside village on our way back where we met the Van Wyks.

Although the the weather was not playing along, I had so much fun with this vibrant and energetic family of four (soon to be five) on the quiet beach. No one took themselves too seriously and the boys were so excited about their new baby sister’s eminent arrival.  They were delighted that they could share her name (a secret at that stage) with me by writing it with chalk on the road! And so capturing their journey to meeting Lucie, the first princess to the family, began!

Please note:  All content shared with family’s permission, but copyright protected.  So feel free to share the love but note that you are not allowed to reproduce or publish without the photographer and parents’ permission.


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