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When Jeanelde, one of my birth clients and also brain & heart behind Carmien Kiddies Blog, phoned me from Citrusdal to ask me to join Carmie panel of experts, I was over the moon.  I had captured the birth of their little ‘fynbos fairy’  the year before and idea of joining Carmien Rooibos in their efforts to support parents not only by beautiful baby rooibos tea products, but also with information, really appealed to me.


After some planning a day-trip was arranged for me to photograph Jeanelde and her beautiful family between the daisies on their citrus farm.  The Carmien Kiddies Blog was the main purpose behind the shoot and after some discussions about the look and style of the blog we got to work.  For me the favourite part of this family shoot was seeing their little ‘fynbos fairy’ again.  She had grown so much.  I also loved working with Jeanelde, trying to do her particular vision and style for the blog justice.

Moving forward I will be the writer and photographer behind Birth Time and Photo Time on Carmien Kiddies Blog.  Come and pop in and say hello!  You will be in good  & caring company (there is a food and sleep expert of choice as well as Carmien Rooibos Tea), there’s lot to learn and share and you can partake in some awesome give-aways!

But first, more on the Carmien Kiddies Blog family shoot I  did.









I’d love to capture your family’s loving moments and spirit.  Love Alda does offer stand-alone family shoots but bookings have to be made well in advance and previous birth clients are given priority. For packages and prices or to book email me at

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Love Alda | Midwife, OBG & Hospital Approved


Finding an integrated solution has always been a passion of mine.  Perhaps that is why I feel so strongly about the link between medicine and the humanities (with a focus on the arts and photography in my instance).  I recently completed a course on this through UCT.  You can read more about my thoughts on this ‘integration’ and how it can be applied to births with a focus on birth photography here, but I think Dr. Bernard Lown summarises it well in “The lost art of Healing” when he says: “…caring without science is a well-intentioned kindness, but not medicine. …Science without caring empties medicine of healing…”

Not any photographer can just walk into the birth space.  There are so many medical, safety, privacy and emotional considerations to take into account (over and above artistic considerations). The ideal birth photographer needs to fulfil many requirements:

Love Alda Birth Companion The Ideal Birth Photographer

It was in the spirit of integrating medicine and the arts that I co-founded SABPA (the South African Birth Photographers Association) and I’m proud to say that the association has done miracles to build a sense of abundance and excellence in for the birth photography in South Africa with many of the leading hospitals and birth professionals only allowing SABPA-accredited photographers at births for legal, safety, privacy and other reasons.

I’m also extremely humbled that I can today say that I am personally approved to work in or with many of SA’s leading midwives, doulas, OBG’s and hospitals including with thanks (but definitely not limited to) the following:

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Our Love Story | Malan’s Birth | Mediclinic Panorama, Cape Town

The birth of Rohan & Carmen Kitshoff’s son was beautiful.

Love takes on many forms: a supporting, loving husband trying to absorb his wife’s pain, a mother braving her fears, a family waiting in anticipation for a first-born. Love is tears of joy – an instant recognition between parent and child. Love is a celebration of life. It touches everyone in close proximity to it.

Malan your birth is a testimony to the love between your parents, as well as the love they share for you. May you grow up to recognise it, feel it and to pass it on to others.


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Moments of Birth | A Tribute to South African Parents

“We can differ in colour, race, beliefs, gender, age and culture, but our reaction to a new life is fundamentally the same – one of awe.” – Alda Smith, Love Alda Birth & Maternal Photography

I have often said that birth photography is not just about the moment of birth.  It should tell an entire story of love and connection and provide timeless ties to your baby’s birth.

I truly believe that those first memories & stories of love and connection are the most treasured heirloom we can give our children.

I summarise birth photography as follows:

“Birth photographs should in my opinion not be perfectly posed pictures. Instead it should provide parents, children and family with timeless ties to the emotions, feelings and physical surroundings at the moment a new life force entered their reality – a window to the loving souls of a mother, a father, a brother, a sister or a grandparent at first sight. How they looked. What they wore. It’s about providing families with living, irreplaceable memories of the moments of love, connection and firsts surrounding the birth of a baby.”

To invest in timeless ties to the day your baby were born email me at


Love Alda VIP Birth Photography Starter Kit


All Love Alda Birth Clients receive a VIP Starter Kit like this one at the first consultation.  It includes:

1. A beautiful folder to keep all your permission slips and birth documents in.

2. A Family Tree photo poster.  Write family names or include small images.  Frame it and hang it in your baby’s nursery.

3. Maternity bag name tags with on-call phone numbers.

4. A complimentary Love Alda Birth Plan .

5. Lots of love.

I’d love to meet up for a coffee to discuss your birth photography requirements and queries so email me at for package outlines.

Love Builds a Family | Anke’s Birth | Mediclinic Panorama, Cape Town

There are so many beautiful details to Anke’s birth and I hope that one day she will be able to share in them when she watches this. Her mama’s delight at hearing she is a girl (her gender was a surprise to all including her grandparents) and her daddy’s stoic pride is something to behold. Then there is the fact that the same doctor (Dr. La Grange on the left) who helped Anke’s mama (one of twins) into this world, were there to assist Dr. Venter with the birth of Anke. And the moment Anke’s mama is reunited with her after being in post-op – her joy and awe is contagious!

Watch their videographic story here:





All Love Alda Birth clients receive a VIP client starter kit which includes beautiful tags for your birth bags and suitcases.  I’m always super thrilled to see clients use these little gifts!




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You Are Ours | Remo’s Birth | Netcare Christiaan Barnard, Cape Town

I met Lisa for coffee to discuss her birth.  At the time this beautiful mama was deciding on whether she wanted to have a natural birth.  We talked through all the positives and negatives and immediately clicked.

A while later I met Lyndsay, her partner at their complimentary maternity shoot. I loved capturing their maternal journey and enjoyed this young, vibrant and trendy couple’s company tremendously.  We chatted about different business ideas they had and Lyndsay, who is very health consious even convinced me to stop drinking Coca-Cola when I’m stressed out!

In the end Lisa had an incredibly intense but beautiful natural birth and Lyndsay got to help catch their son Remo.  Watch their story and then we can start at the beginning!

I loved everything about Lisa and Lyndsay’s maternity shoot in Newlands Forest – from the luminous light, to the temporary tattoos Lisa decorated her baby bump with.

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