Birth photography is a labour of love to me – a joyous celebration of this beautiful, fragile life we all share. What a privilege to capture the start of a new being or that moment a mother falls in love with her newborn. It’s about embracing life and family in all its glorious messiness, whilst paying witness to and respectfully capturing the memories and story of love being created and told before my lens.

I am one of the few professional birth photographers in South Africa and Cape Town in particular, as well as a founding member and Chair Person of SABPA (South African Birth Photographers Association).  I am the co-author of the Birth Photographer’s Oath and my work is well-published.

The nature of birth photography means that I have an artistic, lifestyle, natural light approach to my work.

For me birth photography is more about capturing the maternal journey than just the moment of birth and my packages can include the following  (depending on your needs):

  • Blossom and Bloom Session (maternity shoots with a difference)
  • On-call birth photography with selective filming
  • Fresh2 photography which take place in a non-intrusive** manner during the ‘golden hour’ after birth and consists of tender moments of bonding and firsts between parents and newborn
  • Meet the family photography within then first 3 days of birth
  • Welcome Home Newborn Lifestyle Session in the Comfort of your own home

** Due to the sensitive nature of the “Golden Hour” I do not offer this as a stand-alone service – it forms part of my on on-call birth photography service.

I was not in the position to have the birth of my first two children photographed, but with my third I asked a friend photographer to do me the honor. I speak from first-hand experience when I say:  there could not be a more profound day to have a professional photographer, who respects you and your birth space and capture those life-changing but fleeting moments, than the day your child joins your family.  I can think of so many reasons to invest in this day, but here is my top nine.  Below my view as they lifted my youngest son for me to see:


I love one-on-one birth mentoring, but I have limited time available for it. I am therefore very selective in my private mentoring sessions, but there are several other ways you can access my knowledge and experience for a more empowered maternal, birth and parenting experience.