At The Heart of Birth Ante-natal Online Course: Three FREE Videos


Photo Above: Veronique Photography

Why do some mothers have wonderfully positive and empowering births whilst others feel disappointed, confused and even bereft? Why does there seem to be so many don’ts and not enough do’s when it comes to optimising birth for me and my baby?  Why do I feel so confused, in the dark and even pressured instead of clear and confident about my birth choices?  

The reality is that every woman deserves compassion in birth with a gentle balance between her clinical and emotional well-being.  Every woman should be empowered to make informed choices with a resolve to be mindful of those choices. Instead women are often bombarded with birth stigmas, pressured into decisions, frowned upon for their choices, given biased information if any and encouraged to strive for the perfect birth instead of a positive one.

Join me, Alda Smith, birth photographer, birth mentor, mother of three, Carmien Birth Professional of Choice and communication specialist for a short (and free) video series titled At the Heart of Birth.  In these three free videos, you are going to discover what a compassionate, positive, optimised & pro-choice birth is so that you can work towards achieving an optimised birth for you and your baby.  No stigmas. No choice-bashing. No Pressure.  Just a whole lot of empowerment and compassion in the comfort of your own home!


Your free mini online ante-natal course will consist of:

Video 1: The Compassionate Birth

Video 2: Knowledge is Power

Video 3: Aiming for a Positive Birth – not a Perfect One

If you haven’t registered for the free mini course yet you can do so here.  The course will start at the end of November and I look forward to spending some time with you on this.

PS: I’m incredibly passionate about this and have an enormous amount of empathy for mothers who do not experience compassion in birth. Please help me to empower others by sharing this opportunity. I’d also love to hear your thoughts on the compassion of birth by leaving comments below.  I will be sure to check each and every comment.

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