Love You Endlessly | Huxley’s Birth | Vincent Pallotti, Cape Town

This is the story of how Huxley, with eyes as fierce blue as his mommy’s, came into Daniela’s life. I knew Daniela was going to be an exceptional mother when I met her again at her maternity shoot. Dressed in the most ‘vogue’ maternity dress I have ever seen, we spent an entire afternoon capturing the most beautiful maternity memories for her.

Cape-Town-Birth-Photographer-Birth-Love-Alda-Daniela-3 Cape-Town-Birth-Photographer-Birth-Love-Alda-Daniela-4 Cape-Town-Birth-Photographer-Birth-Love-Alda-Daniela-5 Cape-Town-Birth-Photographer-Birth-Love-Alda-Daniela-6

Cape-Town-Birth-Photographer-Birth-Love-Alda-Daniela-7 Cape-Town-Birth-Photographer-Birth-Love-Alda-Daniela-9

I joined this special mama and her doula Harriet on the evening of the 24th and wrote her story with photos and video as she bravely endured surge after surge by candlelight.


Cape-Town-Birth-Photographer-Birth-Love-Alda-Daniela-13 Cape-Town-Birth-Photographer-Birth-Love-Alda-Daniela-12 Cape-Town-Birth-Photographer-Birth-Love-Alda-Daniela-14

Cape-Town-Birth-Photographer-Birth-Love-Alda-Daniela-16 Cape-Town-Birth-Photographer-Birth-Love-Alda-Daniela-15

By midnight it was decided that a C-setion was needed. Huxley was received by an all-women birth team (apart from the anaesthetist & paed who both did an incredible job of honoring what was a very gentle C-section) headed by Dr. Jacky Searle. Huxley’s grandmother got to witness his first breath with Daniela.



Cape-Town-Birth-Photographer-Birth-Love-Alda-Daniela-20 Cape-Town-Birth-Photographer-Birth-Love-Alda-Daniela-19




Cape-Town-Birth-Photographer-Birth-Love-Alda-Daniela-28 Cape-Town-Birth-Photographer-Birth-Love-Alda-Daniela-27 Cape-Town-Birth-Photographer-Birth-Love-Alda-Daniela-26

Cape-Town-Birth-Photographer-Birth-Love-Alda-Daniela-30 Cape-Town-Birth-Photographer-Birth-Love-Alda-Daniela-29 Cape-Town-Birth-Photographer-Birth-Love-Alda-Daniela-31

A Side Note From Love Alda:  I write this as a side-note as I never want to interject on my client’s birth experiences and thoughts on their birth or speak on their behalf, which is why I let most of the story be told by the photography, the mothers themselves or both.  From my own, independent perspective this was a wonderful example of how a doula can provide physical and emotional support during labour but even during c-sections.  I myself had a wonderful doula (Lana) present in theatre with the birth of my second child and she and my husband worked as an amazing, well-oiled birth team to support me. Even though I had a “failed” VBAC (Vaginal Birth After C-Section), my second birth experience was a more empowered one as I knew my birth preferences, I felt heard and I had a wonderful, supporting birth team. Just like with professional birth photographers it is best to make sure that your doula is registered with a professional body such as WOMBS or SABPA.

And then there is of course also his beautiful welcome home session which was photobombed by the pet cat!

Cape-Town-Birth-Photographer-Birth-Love-Alda-Daniela-36 Cape-Town-Birth-Photographer-Birth-Love-Alda-Daniela-35 Cape-Town-Birth-Photographer-Birth-Love-Alda-Daniela-34 Cape-Town-Birth-Photographer-Birth-Love-Alda-Daniela-33 Cape-Town-Birth-Photographer-Birth-Love-Alda-Daniela-32

Cape-Town-Birth-Photographer-Birth-Love-Alda-Daniela-39 Cape-Town-Birth-Photographer-Birth-Love-Alda-Daniela-38 Cape-Town-Birth-Photographer-Birth-Love-Alda-Daniela-37

Cape-Town-Birth-Photographer-Birth-Love-Alda-Daniela-39 Cape-Town-Birth-Photographer-Birth-Love-Alda-Daniela-41 Cape-Town-Birth-Photographer-Birth-Love-Alda-Daniela-42 Cape-Town-Birth-Photographer-Birth-Love-Alda-Daniela-43 Cape-Town-Birth-Photographer-Birth-Love-Alda-Daniela-44


Grow strong and big little Huxley with you beautiful blue eyes!

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