Celebrate a new life with me!


The habit to celebrate the birth of a child started years ago in Dublin, Ireland when one rainy day my friend mentioned that their friend’s baby girl had just been born.  My own children were still a wish upon a star, but the idea of this new life starting and recognising the moment it all began for her (even though I did not know her or her parents) filled me with a feeling of hope and joy.

Today I am a birth photographer and I have the privilege of not only celebrating, but also capturing those first moments for new parents.  To me the start of a new life is special – sacred – and I often find myself wanting to tell the world: Be still. Listen. Do you hear the joyous choirs? A new life has just splintered off another. Let’s celebrate!

But apart from the parents and their family who lives in a happy ‘birth bubble’ for weeks to come, the world doesn’t stop.  That is why I am so happy about the Love Alda Baby Bunny initiative.  It’s my way of marking the moment a new life starts.  I sew them by hand and on the date of birth of my client’s little one, I put one in a special place for others to spot, adopt or simply to enjoy, but ultimately to celebrate this new life – even if just for a moment.